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Martindale-Hubbell | AV | Preeminent | Peer Rated for Highest Level of Professional Excellence
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Defending You Against Domestic Violence Accusations

Sometimes, arguments amongst spouses or domestic partners get out of hand. That doesn’t mean that domestic violence has occurred. In such heated situations, words or actions can get taken out of context or exaggerated such that the truth gets lost. You need a diligent attorney who will take the appropriate steps to recover it while upholding your dignity and your rights.

Russell A. Spatz of the Spatz Law Firm, PL, in Miami has extensive experience defending those who have been accused of domestic abuse. He has more than 40 years of experience representing clients in complex criminal cases. Having worked as a prosecutor before opening his own practice, he not only knows the laws relevant to your case, but he also knows how the other side thinks. He is well-equipped to protect your rights and best interests through a serious domestic violence case.

Unfortunately, in some cases, spouses use false or inflated claims of domestic violence as a way to get leverage during divorce. In these instances, it is of utmost importance to have an experienced litigator like Russell Spatz on your side. Call 305-442-0200 today.

Working Against the Long-Term Consequences Of Domestic Abuse Allegations

Being convicted of domestic assault charges can significantly restrict your freedoms. In addition to establishing a criminal record, a conviction for domestic violence will result in a minimum of five days in jail, with the possibility of additional probation. Depending on the circumstances, you could face a longer term in state prison if you are convicted of aggravated domestic assault or battery, which are felony charges.

Additionally, even if you beat your criminal charges, you could still become the target of a restraining order. If so, you may be prohibited from returning to your home (even temporarily to retrieve your belongings), seeing your children or contacting your spouse or partner in any way. Even a simple text message could land you in legal hot water. Violating the terms of a protective order will result in additional misdemeanor charges.

Lawyer Russell Spatz works to avert these consequences. His knowledge of both Florida family and criminal laws means he has the requisite experience to handle the often-intersecting issues of domestic violence charges.

Protect Your Freedom By Scheduling A Consultation

To discuss your case with Russell Spatz, a domestic violence defense attorney in Miami-Dade County, call the Spatz Law Firm, PL, at 305-442-0200. You may also make an appointment online.

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