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University of Miami Professor Faces Federal Charges for Money Laundering

A professor at the University of Miami was charged this week after he allegedly put his expert knowledge about the ins and outs of crime in America to use as he was brought up on charges for laundering over 3 million dollars and keeping roughly $300,000 for himself from crime groups in Latin America.

Bruce Bagley, a long time professor and well-known expert witness and commentator on all things crime from drug smuggling to organized crime was arrested by the FBI on Monday and was immediately placed on administrative leave from his teaching position.

4 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Criminal Defense Attorney

When you find yourself in an undesirable legal situation, having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side can dramatically help lower your worries. During the legal process, your attorney is able to provide guidance, advice, and even comfort. Knowing that your case will be handled in a professionally with your best interest in mind is the most ideal way to enter into the legal proceedings.

Here are four questions you should be asking your criminal defense attorney about your case and the way they are handling it.

Prisoner Claims Life Sentence was Fulfilled After Short-Term Death Before Being Revived by Doctors

An Iowa man is currently challenging the courts as he claims he's already died, and by doing so has fulfilled his sentence of life behind bars. Benjamin Schreiber has been in prison since 1997 when he was found guilty for clubbing a man to death with the wooden handle of a pickax. His sentence was life behind bars without the possibility of parole.

The Statute of Limitations for Florida's Rape Cases May Change

More often than we should, we hear the unfortunate news of someone being sexually harassed or taken advantage of on a daily bases. Many of these claims involve incidents that occurred decades prior, and some are no longer within the statute of limitations to investigate. In the state of Florida, if the crime of rape isn't reported within 72 hours, a clock with an 8 year timer starts to tick on the ability for the case to be investigated.

Why Does Florida Man Come Up So Often in the News?

If you spend any time reading the news, you're bound to come across a headline or two that starts with "Florida Man..." Yes, Florida is home to some of the kookiest criminals like the guy who tried to give an alligator beer to entice it to bite him or the one who was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend with a piece of fried chicken.

Florida isn't the only state where seemly absurd crimes happen continuously, but it is one of few states with strong public record laws. Thanks to the Sunshine Laws, news reporters are able to get the scoop on just about anything that involves a police incident report.

Missing Jury Duty Can Get You in More Trouble Than You Think

When a person is arrested and being charged for a crime, they have the right to a trial by a jury of their peers. This right is thanks to the Seventh Amendment in the United States Constitution. The jury is made up of citizens, who are expected to review the case, listen to evidence and testimonies, and make an educated decision about the fate of the trial. Many people are familiar with the jury selection process, but could not showing up be considered a crime? One young adult in Florida recently found out what can happen if you are selected to a jury and don't show up.

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

Having to hire a criminal defense attorney can be a daunting task. This is the person you're paying and trusting to help your case have the best possible outcome. With over 7,000 criminal defense attorneys in the state of Florida, finding the right one for you can be an overwhelming process.

Bail Laws For Those Jailed in Broward County Have Changed

Traditionally when a person is arrested for a crime they are either held in custody or have the option to be released on bail. Bail is money that the defendant puts up that's held by the court system in exchange for their release while they wait for their impending trial date. For more information on bail and the bail bond process, check out my recent blog.


In August, the Miami Herald announced that the bail laws in Broward County would be changing and becoming more lenient in favor of those who may not be able to afford their bail. Instead of having bail set by the courts for their release until it's time for trail, most misdemeanors such as petty theft, marijuana possession or public intoxication can result in being released on ones "own recognizance" as they wait for their court date.

What is an Insanity Defense?

Have you ever heard about a crime and thought, "they must have been crazy to do such a thing" - sometimes, they do in fact have a mental situation that can be explained with a medical diagnosis. When crimes such as these are committed, the defense attorney on the case may consider entering into an insanity defense.


An insanity defense is a type of admission to guilt that relies on a mental disorder defense and affirmation to argue that the defendant is not responsible for their actions due to having episodic or persistent psychiatric disease as the criminal act was being committed. Sometimes the mental disease is so debilitating that the defendant is unable to go on trial because the mental disease prevents them from effectively assisting their hired or appointed counsel.

10 Weird Laws In Florida You Probably Don't Know About

Florida is no stranger to being in the news for committing strange crimes. You've surely heard plenty of stories whose headlines begin with "Florida Man..." Many of those cases are ones where someone in the state of Florida really did commit a crime, sometimes these crimes are ridiculous and other times they are quite serious. Like every state, Florida has many laws that aren't typically on the top of ones mind. These laws that may be dated and unenforced, but are still considered written laws that should be abided by.

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