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Florida's Fireworks Laws May Be Amended in a Favorable Way

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As we welcomed the New Year just a few weeks ago, there's a large possibility that you attended a party or event where there were fireworks present or to be heard in the distance. Setting off fireworks is a holiday tradition that is typically done during Independence Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, and sometimes even on Memorial Day.

Police Departments in Florida to Partner with Ring Door Bell Technology

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Finding ways to solve crimes in a quicker, more efficient way is very important to law enforcement. A new partnership with Ring, a high-tech doorbell company owned by Amazon, might be lighting the way for law enforcement to have better access to video surveillance in neighborhoods after a crime has been committed.

No Texting While Driving Law Goes Into Full Effect in January

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Back in May of 2019, it was announced that a new Florida law was passed regarding texting and driving. Due to the passing of this bill, law enforcement was given the ability to pull over drivers who are caught texting while their car is in motion. Though the law has been in place for several months, as of January 1st, law enforcement has officially begun ticketing drivers who break the new rule.

What is a Mistrial and How Is One Caused?

Court cases don't always go smoothly, as there are a number of factors that can affect the outcome - some of these can cause a mistrial. A mistrial is a trial that isn't successfully completed due to some sort of error or problem that occurs during the trial itself. The judge overseeing the case is the only one who can declare a mistrial. When a mistrial is declared the case must stop and neither the judge nor jury will return with a verdict.

Four Tips to Avoid a Holiday DUI

The holidays are here, making it that time of year where celebrations, parties, and events are happening regularly. This means more drinking and unfortunately with that comes a higher rate of DUIs. The U.S. Department of Transportation reports that 300 Americans die each year in the handful of days surrounding the Christmas and New Year's holidays. Thankfully ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have easier to avoid drunk driving and DUIs, helping to lessen that statistics around holiday drunk driving. 

Broward to Set Up New Conviction Review Unit

Did you know that the National Registry of Exonerations currently has 2,519 counts of cases where someone has been wrongly convicted and later freed? Of that number, 83 of them are from Florida-based cases, with 11 of those taking place in Broward, 9 in Miami-Dade, and 8 in Palm Beach. These numbers are shocking enough that Broward County has decided to do something about it.

Five Crimes That Peak During Holiday Season

While the holidays should be the most merry time of year, it's unfortunately also the time of year where crime is at its highest. During the last couple months of the year, as the holidays are peppered through the weeks, crime rates tend to skyrocket.

The spike in crime rates could be caused by a mixture of holiday stress coming from extra financial expectations or added time with family that may increase intense emotions.

University of Miami Professor Faces Federal Charges for Money Laundering

spatz.pngA professor at the University of Miami was charged this week after he allegedly put his expert knowledge about the ins and outs of crime in America to use as he was brought up on charges for laundering over 3 million dollars and keeping roughly $300,000 for himself from crime groups in Latin America.

Bruce Bagley, a long time professor and well-known expert witness and commentator on all things crime from drug smuggling to organized crime was arrested by the FBI on Monday and was immediately placed on administrative leave from his teaching position.

4 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Criminal Defense Attorney

When you find yourself in an undesirable legal situation, having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side can dramatically help lower your worries. During the legal process, your attorney is able to provide guidance, advice, and even comfort. Knowing that your case will be handled in a professionally with your best interest in mind is the most ideal way to enter into the legal proceedings.

Here are four questions you should be asking your criminal defense attorney about your case and the way they are handling it.

Prisoner Claims Life Sentence was Fulfilled After Short-Term Death Before Being Revived by Doctors

An Iowa man is currently challenging the courts as he claims he's already died, and by doing so has fulfilled his sentence of life behind bars. Benjamin Schreiber has been in prison since 1997 when he was found guilty for clubbing a man to death with the wooden handle of a pickax. His sentence was life behind bars without the possibility of parole.

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