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Important Things to Know About Miami Dade Courts Shifting to a Virtual Hearing System

While the world is seemingly turned upside down due to the coronavirus outbreak, Miami Dade's Court System has had to quickly transition into a safer environment while still maintaining its necessary proceedings and observing best practices.

Based on guidelines set into place by the Florida Supreme Court and public health and government officials, Miami Dade Courts have had limited accessed for in-person hearings, as courthouses tend to be packed with people on any given day in spaces that don't always allow for proper social distancing. Fortunately, technology has made it so that pressing matters can be heard remotely via telephone and/or video conferencing on platforms such as Zoom.

4 Crazy Criminal Defenses that Actually Worked

The court system is a complicated and when it comes to having your case heard there are several different ways to validate the choices that may have lead to committing a crime. When it comes to criminal defenses, there's a gamut of options that can be used to explain one's case. From self-defense to insanity plea, juries and judges have heard them all, but that doesn't stop defense attorneys from coming up with whatever defense it takes to protect their client.

Here are four of the craziest criminal defenses that actually worked in a court of law:

Miami Dade Experiences Record Breaking Crime Statistics in Early 2020

The world is currently going through a pandemic that's leading to some strangely unprecedented moments, like most of the country being shutdown. Miami Dade County has been in some form of lockdown since the middle of March due to the coronavirus outbreak. Since then homicide numbers appear to have been up over last year's numbers in every city except for City of Miami, who went 55 days without a single murder - the longest streak since 1956. Most of the murderless days took place before the lockdown was put into order leaving experts to wonder what sparked the change in that specific area.

10 More Weird Laws in Florida You Probably Don't Know About

Oh Florida, what a special state. Thanks to our state records being public, Florida finds itself in the news a bit more often than other states - especially when it comes to strange crimes. The Florida Man is known for find wacky ways to break the law, but several of the state's laws are outdated and absurd. Here is a part two to the previous 10 Weird Laws in Florida You Probably Don't Know About.

Six Arrests in Florida That Are a Result of Coronavirus

During this uncertain time, many new temporary laws and orders have been put into place around the country and specifically the state of Florida as it's one of the hot beds for COVID-19. Stay-at-home orders have been issued in most places throughout the state, and many counties even have curfews. Not following these orders can lead to fines and jail time - and penalties are getting more strict over time.

3 Things to Know About Florida's Good Samaritan Laws

When given the chance to do something good or save someone's life, it's comforting to know you can step in without the fear of being prosecuted if something goes wrong. In order to protect those who are trying to do good in an emergency circumstance, Good Samaritan laws have been put into place. These are designed to offer legal protection to people who administer assistance to individuals who are injured, ill, incapacitated, or in peril. Good Samaritan laws vary from state to state, and may change based on the relationship between the victim and the rescuer. 

Not Following COVID-19 Mandates Can Lead to Jail Time

In just a matter of weeks, most of our lives have been turned upside down. Coronavirus, also known as, COVID-19 has made its way to Florida and is putting a halt to our ability to live our lives normally. The United States officially has more confirmed cases than any other nation. It's a scary time, and keeping ones health is top priority.

Tips for Avoiding a DUI on St. Patrick's Day (Or Any Other Holiday)

Everyone likes to pretend they are Irish when St. Patrick's Day comes around. Did you know St. Patrick's Day is the fourth most popular drinking day of the year? Restaurants and bars often host large alcohol-fueled events full of green beer and whiskey. With so many of these parties taking place the number of people who are at risk of drunk driving increases. Nationwide, on St. Patrick's Day, 38 percent of drivers killed in crashes had a blood alcohol limit higher than .08, and three-quarters of those were at least double that.

How to File an Appeal in Florida

The legal system is made to bring justice to those who are wrong, but on often times a decision is made that can be harmful to those who aren't guilty of certain actions that they are being charged with. In such instances, cases and their outcomes may be appealed. There is an entire court process that is dedicated to reviewing decisions that are made in trial court when it is deemed as though there may have been a legal error in the first go-around. Appeals are different from trials, and by no means looked at as a second chance to argue ones case. Appeals are mean to right a wrong that occurs during the initial judgment.

Florida Senate Aims to Lessen First Time Drug Offender Sentences

This week, the Florida Senate made moves toward passing a bill that would lessen sentences for first time drug offenders and would also allow for judges to have a little more say in drug-related conviction sentencing on a case-by-case basis.

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