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Top Holiday Crimes In Florida. 

by | Dec 1, 2021 | Criminal Charges |

The Holiday season is here, and for many, emotions can run high. These heightened emotions can make you more susceptible to holiday scams and other types of unlawful acts. This season is known to have an increase in criminal activity, each year, around the country. Become familiar with the following common crimes to avoid becoming a victim or a perpetrator.

The most common crimes during this time of the year in Florida include:

  • Theft: An important part of the holidays for many people, are the presents, the meals, and decorations, which makes shopping a very common activity. However, not everyone opts to shop but instead chooses to shoplift. This happens with more frequency because stores are overcrowded and hectic, making it easier for shoplifters to get away with theft.
    On the other hand, with online shopping becoming more and more popular, there are individuals, known as “porch-pirates”, who chose to steal packages that others order for delivery right from their doorsteps.
    Lastly, with many people going away to celebrate with their family or friends, some houses will be empty. Burglars take this opportunity to enter these houses and leave with whatever objects they find. Nonetheless, with the latest technologies, many houses, and businesses are equipped with security cameras that help police identify suspected thieves.


  • DUI Crimes: Holiday festivities commonly include alcohol consumption, which more commonly than not encourages people to consume in excessive amounts. This can lead to people drinking under the influence, and getting arrested for it. Check out our blog to learn more about DUI Crimes in Florida.


  • Domestic violence crimes: Although many families enjoy spending the holidays together, there are some cases where families experience a lot of stress or other emotions that can lead to dangerous and violent behavior. This kind of behavior often results in criminal charges.
    Many of these kinds of crimes are also closely related to alcohol consumption. In some cases, people opt to file for an Order of Protection, which must be handled by an experienced attorney.


  • Sex crimes: Another crime closely related to alcohol consumption is rape or sexual assault. When someone drinks a significant amount of alcohol, a victim may not be aware that they are in a dangerous situation until it’s too late. Sexual predators take advantage of unsuspecting targets during this time of year.


We encourage everybody to be safe and aware of all these crimes and their triggers to avoid any type of criminal charges. However, if you find yourself facing a charge, don´t hesitate to call an experienced attorney who will advise you appropriately and advocate on your behalf. Russell A. Spatz of the Spatz Law Firm, PL, in Miami, Florida, has decades of experience handling serious criminal cases. Give him a call at 305-442-0200 to get started on your case.


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