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National Expungement Week 2018 is October 20th – 27th

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With the rapid changing of laws and the severity of certain types of crimes, the first ever National Expungement Week is being launched on October 20th. During this time, over 20 organizations from across the country will be working together in various cities to help those in need of having their records expunged.

National Expungement Week will consist of a week of events that will offer expungement and other forms of legal relief to the 77 million Americans with convictions on their records. These convictions can affect access to housing, employment, education, public assistance, and voting rights long after sentences have been served. The events will offer as many services as possible for each area to restore people’s rights and lift up communities. While there aren’t currently any events planned for Florida, there are criminal defense lawyers that are available to help.

What Offensives Qualify For Expungement

If you were arrested but not convicted of a crime, your criminal record may be eligible for expungement. Let’s face it, no one wants to have a criminal record – especially if they were never actually convicted of the crime. Other misdemeanors and non-violent crimes often also qualify for expungement.

According to a Lawyers Committee article, Kristen Clarke, President and Executive Director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law stated, “Expungements are the right thing to do. Since states have started legalizing marijuana, those with criminal justice records for misdemeanor marijuana convictions have watched while others have become wealthy from the business of selling marijuana. While the wealthy and the resourceful benefit from a booming marijuana market, misdemeanor marijuana convictions continue to burden individuals seeking housing, credit, an education, or a job.”

Why You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney To Help

Even though the process is becoming slightly easier, and more offenses are eligible for expungement, it’s still a complicated task. The process takes anywhere from three to six months on average from beginning to end and having an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows the process inside and out handle can help eliminate any speed bumps or problems along the way. Remember, this can only be done to your record once in your lifetime, so it’s important that it’s done correctly.

If you need assistance with expunging or sealing your record, please give us a call at (305) 422-0200.


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