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What’s at Risk if We Modify the Constitution?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2017 | Russell Spatz |

In discussing any action to modify our constitution and its limitations on government we need to understand that what drove the founders to incorporate the Bill of rights into our constitution was a mistrust of governmental power over individual freedom based upon lessons of history.

Those who put faith in central authority with an assumption that government will always operate for the benefit of the individual and never become oppressive or tyrannical don’t know history and certainly have closed their eyes to many governments that exist today.

Freedom is expensive and horribly risky. Total control is safer but stifles freedom.
Once fundamental and axiomatic rights are deemed expendable and we rely on the inherent “goodness” of politicians we have given up individual power and autonomy to a venal faceless state.

We must discuss but also be wise – remembering the old saying that widow an orphan cases can produce bad laws which produce unintended consequences. 

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