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Florida Property Owners – Ref: Hurricane Irma

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Attention all Florida Property Owners:

As you are all aware Florida is currently under a state of emergency issued by the governor and we are currently awaiting updates on Hurricane Irma’s path which may impact our state severely. In the meantime we urge everyone to please prepare for this major storm. If you are in an evacuation zone, we urge you to please remember this is issued for your safety. Properties are insured and the damages from the storm’s aftermath will be taken care of but your lives and that of your families are irreplaceable.

Please keep in mind communications may be limited or down completely after the storm. It may some time to restore power and phone lines.

Please make sure you have your insurance policy available as this will be needed to address any claim you may have.

I am providing a list of important information for all property owners:

  • It is your duty to protect your property – any openings such as doors and windows must be secured either by impact glass, shutters or boards.
  • Get rid of any debris around the exterior of your home, such as patio furniture, umbrellas, potted plants, barbecues, containers, etc.
  • Check with your neighbors to ensure they also get rid of all debris, which can be hazardous to your property as well as others.
  • Take sufficient photos of all of the following items:
    • Roof
    • Exterior (all 4 angles of the property)
    • Complete interior including:
    • Kitchens
    • Bathrooms
    • Flooring – all rooms, bedrooms, etc.
    • Garages
    • Windows & Doors
    • Contents / Personal Items:
    • Furniture
    • Clothing (closets & inside of all drawers)
    • Shoes
    • Handbags
    • Electronics with (Brand & models)
    • Appliances with (Brand & models)
    • Firearms (for your safety and the safety of others please keep these in safe and secure location at all times)

Email all the above photos and documents to your personal emails, save on the cloud if possible, and back up in a USB (keep in a waterproof storage container).

  • Place all important documents such as your all insurance policies (including home, business, auto, life and medical), property titles, birth certificates, wedding licenses, court documents, social security cards, passports, firearm registrations, etc. in a waterproof storage compartment or box.

Praying for you and you loved ones – stay safe during the storm!

Russell A. Spatz

A Lawyer With Unparalleled Credentials