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Do I Need a Lawyer?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2014 | Legal Tips |


For most people, the idea of getting a lawyer seems foreign or intimidating. But what if you really need one? Do you know how to go about it? Knowing when to hire a lawyer, when to walk away, and what to look for in a lawyer can save time and trouble in the future.

When to Contact a Lawyer

When determining whether or not to call a criminal lawyer, consider what’s at stake. If your finances or liberties are at stake, it’s time to pursue legal help. If there is any situation involving an arrest, don’t hesitate to ‘lawyer up.’ Incidents involving DUIs, domestic violence, tax fraud, burglary, or other criminal behavior are serious situations and should be dealt with appropriately.

If you have suffered physical harm or have been in an accident, it is wise to call a lawyer. While your insurance company may or may not fight on your behalf, a lawyer will assure the appropriate representation.

Other situations requiring a lawyer include developing an estate plan, signing long-term commitments and contracts, and getting a divorce.

When to Let it Go

While there are certain times when a lawyer is necessary, there are also times when the best decision is to let it go and walk away. If the issue is a matter of principle, it probably isn’t worth pursuing. Matters of principle – while they may seem important at the time – will eventually fizzle out. If there are no finances at stake, it is probably not worth it to spend money on legal fees resolving the issue.

What Will a Lawyer do for Me?

A lawyer can do a lot more than question witnesses in the court of law. A good criminal lawyer can help you by:

  • Navigating the complicated codes and laws of the legal system
  • Negotiating deals with prosecutors
  • Gathering information regarding the case
  • Hiring investigators and industry professionals
  • Much more…

What to Look for in a Lawyer?

No two lawyers are created equal. When searching for a criminal lawyer you want to find one that can attend to your specific needs, wants, and desires. Here is a short list of some of the things you should look for when hiring a lawyer:

  • Experience. You want someone with extensive experience. A lawyer with years of experience provides you with irreplaceable expertise and knowledge.
  • Familiarity. In addition to experience, you want a lawyer that is familiar with cases similar to yours so that he or she knows the proper steps to take both in and outside of the court.
  • Referrals. As you would with any product or service, ask for referrals when hiring a lawyer. A good lawyer will not hesitate to supply you with a number of recommendations.

Russell Spatz has more than 35 years of trial experience and previously worked for the Office of the Dade County State Attorney. To discuss legal options and get more information about what to do in your situation, call The Spatz Law Firm at 305-442-0200.

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