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How to File an Appeal in Florida

The legal system is made to bring justice to those who are wrong, but on often times a decision is made that can be harmful to those who aren't guilty of certain actions that they are being charged with. In such instances, cases and their outcomes may be appealed. There is an entire court process that is dedicated to reviewing decisions that are made in trial court when it is deemed as though there may have been a legal error in the first go-around. Appeals are different from trials, and by no means looked at as a second chance to argue ones case. Appeals are mean to right a wrong that occurs during the initial judgment.

What is Clemency?

Not everyone who is put behind bars belongs there, and sometimes they do, but the sentence they are given can be deemed too long or too hard later on. Fortunately, there's a legal way to have a prison term shortened or ended immediately. Clemency is a form of pardoning, shortening, or allowing reprieve of one's prison sentence. This does not mean that the person is not guilty; it simply means they have been forgiven of their crimes. The state's governor or the President of the United States are the only people who can grant clemency.

How Voice Activated Smart Speakers Are Helping Solve Crimes

Devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home are changing lives at home at a rapid pace. These Bluetooth activated smart devices can be controlled from anywhere and are ready to work with a simple voice command. Whether it's to ask about the weather, learn what's going on in your neighborhood, or to play your favorite song - Alexa and the other smart devices are listening. The same can be said when it comes to having a crime take place in your home. The simple triggering of the device can cause it to record what's happening in the room and the audio is sent to the Cloud.

Drones May Be Law Enforcement's Body Camera of 2020

For the first time in Miami Dade history, the use drone footage was approved by a judge as viable evidence in a case involving a drug dealer. The narcotics detectives in Miami-Dade needed a way to look into the operation of a suspected armed drug dealer. After getting pre-approval from the judge, they used a drone to capture the footage leading to the arrest of Andre "Dread" Scott who was selling cocaine to an undercover informant in his yard.

Five Crimes That Peak During Holiday Season

While the holidays should be the most merry time of year, it's unfortunately also the time of year where crime is at its highest. During the last couple months of the year, as the holidays are peppered through the weeks, crime rates tend to skyrocket.

4 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Criminal Defense Attorney

When you find yourself in an undesirable legal situation, having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side can dramatically help lower your worries. During the legal process, your attorney is able to provide guidance, advice, and even comfort. Knowing that your case will be handled in a professionally with your best interest in mind is the most ideal way to enter into the legal proceedings.

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

Bail Laws For Those Jailed in Broward County Have Changed

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