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4 Reasons You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Miami

Have you made a mistake that got you in trouble with the law? From time-to-time, things happen that may be out of our control or done without being completely thought through that can lead to getting arrested or having to deal with going to trial to sort matters out. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney to be on your side can make a world of difference when it comes to how your case is handled and its outcome.

Here are 4 reasons you should consider hiring a criminal defense attorney:

1. They Know What They Are Doing

Criminal defense attorneys know how the court system works. They know the ins and outs of each and every law and have the means to work angles in order to handle whatever situation you may be in. The legal system in Florida can be very confusing for someone without experience, especially if you're feeling stress or pressure due to the nature of your case. They also have teams behind them to assist with the filing of paperwork and communications with the courts. It's best to let the experts use the knowledge they worked so hard to gain to help you through the process.

2. They Have Relationships in the Judicial System

The legal system has many players involved in a case outside of your defense attorney. There are judges, prosecutors, and police officers who work throughout the courts that may be involved with your criminal case. Criminal defense attorneys spend plenty of time building relationships with the other parties involved. While they are certainly on opposing sides of the case, having an active relationship with the prosecutor can help move your case along more smoothly, and can aid in negotiating a better plea deal or more affordable bond. Whereas, being familiar with the judge and knowing their styles can help determine how to present your side of the case.

3. They Have Done This Before

Having a criminal defense attorney on your side, means having the guidance of someone who focuses specifically on the types of criminal charges you may be facing. They know the laws, and are likely to have already been to court for several cases very similar or maybe even identical to yours. They have the resources and the knowledge to make sure the case is handled accurately and in a timely manner. This kind of experience may come at a price, but can save you thousands in fines and years in prison time making it a worthy investment.

4. They Can Provide Moral Support

Dealing with criminal charges is stressful and time consuming and can be a terrible drain on your morale. Having a criminal defense attorney in your corner can help alleviate some of that fear and anxiety. They will be able to be honest and straight with you about the possible outcome of your case and can keep you informed during each step of the process ensuring that there are no surprises along the way. A good criminal defense attorney is more than just your legal counsel; they are your confidante and guide through the entire case.

If you or someone you know are facing criminal charges, hire a criminal defense attorney to take your case. Give Russell Spatz a call. He has over four decades of experience and always puts his clients needs first. Russell has handled hundreds of cases involving drugs, assault and domestic violence, white collar crimes, record sealing and expungement, family law, and more. Call him today at (305) 442-0200 to schedule your consultation.

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