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What Happens After You Are Arrested and Not Yet Charged with A Crime in Florida?

After you're arrested for a crime, the next step is the filing of the information or indictment. In most cases in Florida (except Capital) the police will fill out a standard police report (A-Form) that will be passed on to the State Attorney's Office who will review the case and determine what crimes they will formally charge you with.

The time period between when you're arrested and when you're charged with a crime can take up to three weeks or more. The State Attorney's Office uses this time to decide if they are indeed going to file a charge against you and what that charge will be. They are required in most instances to take testimony from witnesses and many times will allow input from the accused's counsel.

Attorneys not familiar with the process or uncomfortable immediately contacting the State may wait until the Formal Charges are filed by the State Attorney's Office before proceeding in advocating for their client. Other attorneys, like Russell Spatz, will look further into the incident that led to your arrest and makes contact with the State Attorney's Office quickly before the charges are filed.

It's important that your criminal defense attorney moves quickly. For example, if Russell can gather appropriate evidence or information or even able to advocate a position that suggests you are not guilty or should receive a lesser charge, he will contact the State Attorney's Office to present the evidence. In advocating for his clients, sometimes the charges are not filed or the charges are reduced (e.g., from a felony to a misdemeanor).

If you've been arrested and are waiting for the first hearing, it's important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney right away to protect your rights in the indictment/information process. Contact Russell Spatz and let him advocate for you in your time of need.

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