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Criminal Bribery of a Public Official

Recently in South Florida, a Boca Raton U.S. Postal Service worker was charged with accepting a bribe in order to deliver boxes of drugs on her route. Postal worker, Evelyn Price, admitted to receiving around $500 from a man she only knew as "Steve" in order to deliver boxes to him in parking lots instead of to the addresses listed on the packages.

According to Price, who confessed immediately to her crime after it was discovered that the boxes she had been delivering contained Marijuana, the man approached her and asked her if she would provide him with addresses of locations on her route where she could easily intercept the box deliveries. He would pay her $50 a box to bring them to him instead of the address listed on the label. Although at the time, she did not know what was in the boxes, but suspected they may be drugs.

Common Halloween Crimes

Halloween can be a fun holiday to enjoy responsibly and safely, if you like a night on the town with dressed-up ghosts and goblins. Unfortunately, some folks do take certain costumes and personas to an extreme, and this could very well make people commit crimes, either unwillingly or with full knowledge of what they are doing.

In order to enjoy a safe Halloween with friends and family and avoid a potential arrest during this holiday, make sure to follow some of the mentioned tips and reminders.

Gunfire Detection Technology Expanding in Miami

In an effort to further decrease the incidents of gun violence in the city of Miami, city commissioners included funds in the recently approved 2018 city budget to expand the current gunfire detection technology in the city. Many residents may not be aware, but the city has been using gunfire detection technology in certain neighborhoods since 2014. $325,000 in the proposed 2018 budget is allocated to triple the current zone where the technology is utilized.

What's at Risk if We Modify the Constitution?

In discussing any action to modify our constitution and its limitations on government we need to understand that what drove the founders to incorporate the Bill of rights into our constitution was a mistrust of governmental power over individual freedom based upon lessons of history.

Florida Nursing Home May Not Face Criminal Charges

In the wake of the devastating news coming from one Hollywood, FL nursing home where 10 patients died as a result of damages incurred during Hurricane Irma, many are outraged and demanding criminal charges be brought against the nursing home staff and owner. Despite the fact that lives were lost during this tragic event, a criminal conviction against the home for the deaths of these patients may be hard to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, according to Florida law. It may even be difficult to bring charges against the home, due to the definitions of a crime related to an incident of this kind.

Widespread Fraud Following Natural Disasters

In the aftermath of a devastating natural disaster, such as Hurricane Irma, we see different sides of our community, neighbors, and friends emerge once the storm has passed. Many people come out to support affected areas by collecting goods, offering free or discounted services, or donating money to disaster-relief charities. Others come out after the disaster looking for ways to fraud a system and take advantage of ways to make extra money from vulnerable victims or government recovery efforts.

Looters and Natural Disasters

Across Florida, we just experienced a major natural disaster with the arrival of Hurricane Irma. Throughout the state, millions of people were ordered or chose to evacuate further inland or out-of-state. When a major natural disaster hits, and people are ordered to leave their homes and businesses, there is often a risk of looting in the areas that are abandoned. Unfortunately, this is all-too-common because looters know that no one is home to protect the property, and oftentimes, electricity is out, meaning any security systems or monitoring devices are disabled.

The possibility of looting can put anyone on edge when tensions are already high. It's important to understand what looting is, how it can be punished, and how potential victims can legally protect themselves.

Florida Property Owners - Ref: Hurricane Irma

Attention all Florida Property Owners:

As you are all aware Florida is currently under a state of emergency issued by the governor and we are currently awaiting updates on Hurricane Irma's path which may impact our state severely. In the meantime we urge everyone to please prepare for this major storm. If you are in an evacuation zone, we urge you to please remember this is issued for your safety. Properties are insured and the damages from the storm's aftermath will be taken care of but your lives and that of your families are irreplaceable.

Please keep in mind communications may be limited or down completely after the storm. It may some time to restore power and phone lines.

Please make sure you have your insurance policy available as this will be needed to address any claim you may have.

I am providing a list of important information for all property owners:

New Rapid DNA Testing Machine Legislation & Use in Miami Beach

DNA testing has revolutionized the way that crimes are solved since its inception. Through its use within law enforcement, those accused of certain crimes can be identified and charged accordingly by matching DNA found at crime scenes to the suspect's DNA. Additionally, innocent people can be exonerated of crimes based on the fact that their DNA does not match what was found on the victim or at a crime scene. Specifically with regards to sexual crimes, the advances in DNA testing have led to many sexual predators being taken off the streets, and allowed others who have been accused but who are innocent a chance to walk free.

A Jury Shows Mercy In First Miami-Dade Death Penalty Case Since Changes in Florida Law

Twelve Miami-Dade County jurors recently deliberated on whether a man should be sentenced to life in prison or receive the death penalty for his crimes. The reason that this case is historic is that it is the first time in Miami that a death-penalty case went to a sentencing hearing since the state of Florida changed the rules all together for awarding the death penalty to certain criminals. In this particular case, instead of send this convicted killer to Death Row, the jury chose mercy through a sentence of life in prison.

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